Running to Your Arms.

The Transfiguration Lodovico Carracci 1594

The Transfiguration Lodovico Carracci 1594 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Running to the arms of the King and not looking back. You are good, when there is nothing ever good in me, and I’m running to your arms holding nothing back, my heart will sing your name oh Jesus. This is my theme for the summer, running to the arms of the one who created it all, from the heavens to the earth and the stars in the sky, I will run to His arms.

My whole life consisted of meaningless chasing of the wind; Bottles and babes, booze and needles, pain and darkness all consumed me like a burning fire from the pits of hell. I lived and loved, died and came back again, and through it all I have never experienced a love like that of Christs. He breathed the breath of life into me and gave me a direction to go, and go I will in the direction He wants. This summer I am going back to the beginning when I started this journey to gain a new perspective of life and what God wants me to do next.

         Refine me Oh Lord, melt me, and mold me into the man you want me to be Oh Lord. Give me strength to proceed and to believe and to do your will–Amen.

If there’s one thing I have learned, is we have to run to His arms daily. This means when life is great, we run to His arms. When life is not so great, we run to His arms. His arms are the only safe place to be, so this summer I am running like a cheetah into the arms of Him who is greater than the world.

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!

Love Lavished.

Father of Mine

Father of Mine (Photo credit: Just Us 3)

       See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him. 1 John 3:1

Lavished— Characterized buy or produced with extravagance and profusion, or Immoderate in giving or bestowing; unstinting, or in layman’s terms generous. We came across this scripture at our mens bible  study last night, and I have to tell you we were all a little overwhelmed with that one. Just think about it for a moment; God, in is infinite wisdom, sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins, and to bring us into repentance and holiness with Him. Do you no anyone else that would sacrifice their child for you??

I struggled with this for a long time, trying to wrap my head around how much He loves me, the creator of all things, the TRUE master of the universe loves me that much He wants a relationship with me. When my father passed as a young man I blamed everyone for his death, including God. I felt abandoned, alone and confused and frankly it left me asking this question; Am I a man?  Just because we reach a certain age or do certain things does not make us a man until we have truly learned from the one man, Christ.

For years I endured strongholds in my mind-set by the devil telling me that I was nothing more than the garbage on the street, and the sad thing is I believed it. Many years wasted feeling sorry for myself and crying myself to sleep  because of the emptiness I felt. Even after I came to the Lord, I still had these feeling and thoughts, and I’m not saying life would have been different if dad would have been alive longer, but it could have. I think back though, and as it stands, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, because the life I lived once makes a great testimony and it made me the man I am today.

I believe today that their was a reason God took my father at young age, and that’s to realize how much He loves me. Lavished is used in this scripture because it never ends, He pours out His love, non-stop, every day and to me that’s amazing! Through the years of chasing the platinum beauty’s of the night only to be left holding an empty pillow the next morning, through the bottles and blood, I never found a love that’s lavished on me like our heavenly fathers! Thats the one thing I was always searching for, striving for in everything I did, but never found it. Love lavished only comes from the father through His son Jesus Christ, and today I have finally found it.

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The teacher is quiet during the test.

          My sister sent this to me on Facebook and it really hit me that God “IS” our teacher, and just because He doesn’t answer, doesn’t mean He’s not listening. We all go through times of difficulty and wonder where God is, at least I know I do, but when it’s all said and done, he was there the whole time. I know when I go through times or “seasons” however you want to call it, I feel very lonely and empty. Ya know, when those prayers seem like their bouncing off the wall and you try, and try to “BE” a Christian, but come up short. Ya, those times kinda sucks.

I must admit there are time’s were I forget I am a student. Not only am I a student in college, but I’m also a student of the Most High. He teaches me everyday, if I let Him. I know when I’m being stubborn and prideful, I don’t want to learn. It’s in these times that I need to learn, but my pride gets in the way, and I miss an opportunity to learn. Now this doesn’t mean it happens all the time, there has been many, many learning experiences in which Christ has taught me a great deal, but those times when I miss it, I look back and say “oh yea, that was a teaching moment.”

When were going through these quit times, when we don’t hear from God for what seems like days, were going through a test of some-sorts. What the test is I guess depends on us and our situation were in. Ya see, God tests us, to see were our heart really is. During the test, will we remain faithful and honest, or do we look for shortcuts, and, well, an easier way?

This is something I’m  meditating on this week as I prepare for this weekend. This weekend I have been called to give my testimony on an all youth Christian weekend called Deco-Tec. The talk I am giving is called the singles talk and its about being single in Christ. I also incorporate my testimony into the talk, and I’m a little nervous because this is the first time I have given my testimony in front of such a large crowd. So prayers are appreciated! I just hope and pray that the words I speak, breathed from God, will make an impact on  at least one teen on this weekend.

Thanks for reading!! Be blessed!!!!


Professionals built the Titanic, Amateurs built the Ark…

RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10,...

Image via Wikipedia

Can you guess which one sunk? Yup, you guessed right, the mighty unsinkable ship built by thousands of men and a lot of money, hit the ice burg and split in half like a walnut. The Arc, built by Noah, with blueprints from God, loaded with every animal and all of Noah’s family, sailed the flood and made it safe. Noah restarted civilization as we know it guided by God; The Titanic, well it still lays at rest at the bottom of the sea with movies and songs being made about it.

This world we live in today is as fake as a three dollar bill. Everyone rushes around for no clear reason  trying to be something there not. I once applied to be a Kitchen Manager of a restaurant a few years back and they told me because I don’t have a degree, they couldn’t hire me. Even though my credentials speak for themselves and I know the restaurant business like the back of my hand, I didn’t have a piece of paper to prove I was smart, so I was denied. I’m not worried though because the college I work for now is such a great place, they seen my credentials and hired me. Not because of anything I did, but by the grace of God.

I’m going to college now, but not for the reasons a lot of people do. I have a great job, and when I do graduate, it’s not saying that I’m getting another job, its been a personal goal of mine since I was a child to get my bachelors degree. Plus it does look good on a résumé if I ever decide to look elsewhere for a career. God uses everyday, broke down, self-destructive, and on occasion temperamental people like me, to carry out His plan. I don’t argue, I just do it because in the end, I no it will be a success because it was ordained by God.

To many people in this world, even Christians get big-headed about life in general and they sink like the Titanic. People try to push Christianity down people’s throat claiming one thing and doing another. This is the world today and sad to say that theirs more hypocrisy in the church, than any other place on the planet. If you’re not part of the “it crowd” even in church, you get overlooked. Sometimes its like an adult high school.

      I try to live the best way I know how for Christ, and quite frankly, it has worked, because I have to do the foot work. I sank like the Titanic before, and I don’t want to do it again. I have to stay humble about every situation that is put before me and realize its a gift from God. I don’t prance around waiving the Jesus card in people faces only to do the exact opposite that some people do. Christ called us to love one another as He loved us, and if He called us to do this, why are their Christians that are cold and   without love? Probably because they really don’t have a relationship with Jesus would be my first guess.

    You can know Jesus, but not have a relationship with Him and this is the first of the Commandments. I used to be the one that new Jesus, but didn’t have a relationship with Him. Today, I can honestly say I have a relationship with Christ. Its deep, true, and pure and I absolutely love it. It’s  better than any relationship I have ever had, and that’s why its important to me to write this blog. Jesus loves us right were we are. I’m not going to find Him in the “it crowd” at church or the rituals a lot of people believe in today. I find Him in my heart and in the very book that was wrote about Him, the Bible. I go to church to hear God and listen to Him  and the fellowship with other believers is a blessing.

Today, I don’t want to sink like the Titanic, I want to be strong like the Ark. How about you my friend? Has life and the people in life beat you down with all the hypocrisy? Cast your care on Jesus and let Him give you strength.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!!

“There is no fear of God before their eyes”– Romans 3:18


Though I have been living in Michigan my whole life, I hate the winter time. I’m glad January is over and that means one thing, only a month and a half till spring and warm weather. This picture was taken in late spring a couple years ago outside my balcony. This is why I love spring. Love, love, love it! Spring is a time when new plant life begins and the salt on the car is polished away. Spring means shorts and flip flops, windows down and cruising until late at night. Its love like crazy and steaks on the grill. Oh how I miss the spring.

These winter months drive me crazy, though, fortunately this year our winter has not been that bad, but none the less they drag on. If anyone lives in the Midwest will know what I am talking about. The winter sometimes drags on until April with snow the first week and rain and coldness to the bones until may. I don’t pretend to enjoy this time because I am a warm weather type of guy. The snow and cold I could live without. No walks in the park, no ducks playing, no green grass or the ice cream man. Please oh spring hurry up!

The spring really brings me to great and utter happiness for one, just watching the pure wonder of Gods artistic side really comes to life in the spring. Not saying that He’s not artistic in the winter, because He is, but I believe the spring is where we witness the full impact of Gods creative design. Look at the trees giving life to green leaves, and that blade of grass everyone gets excited about cutting, is truly the work of the Master craftsmen Himself. Look at the flowers as they start to bloom and the beautiful colors they provide and the night sky with all its stars and galaxies. Mornings with the dew on the grass and the birds arriving back for another season.

The river has a different spark about it in the early spring as fisherman begin to pursue the one that got away and spring training produces the next all-American. The earth worm as he comes out of hibernation just to be picked up by a hungry bird fresh in from a 1,000 mile trip and the still of the day when that peace that’s beyond all understanding leads you in the way. The farmers starting their crops and flannels give way to tank tops and bikinis. The joy of cool air brushing against you as you stroll in the park with your lover, never taking your eyes of off her. Skipping rocks in the mud puddles and back woods bonfires.

These are the joys of spring that I long for all year long. Especially the walks in the early morning to spend some time with the Creator of all this wonder. So, today, forget about winter, I have my sights set on spring and all the adventures that come along. This is the season that dreams are made of and my dream is to take a deep breath and take it all in, before once again, its spring no more.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!!!


1 Corinthians 10:13“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

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Isn’t this a wonderful way to start your day? Being tempted on every side and trying not to fall and pulling with all your might not to do the thing you don’t want to do. You try to concentrate on something else or get busy doing another meaningless project all the while your thoughts are consumed by a temptation of some sorts that you know isn’t right. You try and try, circling around the thing you know will bring immediate relief to your life. Circling like vultures on roadkill and breaking out into cold sweats, you swoop in and attack. Doing the one thing you don’t want to do, but it brings instant gratification, and a few minutes later your consumed with guilt and shame. Know the feeling?

I know I do. For year battling alcoholism and porn addiction I tried with everything I had, but always failed. Porn was an escape for me, a way out so I  thought. My whole life I wanted to be in a relationship, but soon found no one wanted to be in one with me because I wasn’t the “it” guy. So consumed by alcohol and loneliness, I turned to porn time and time again. Even when I was drinking I knew this disgusting act of human behavior was wrong to watch, but for me, it made me feel good. I turned to porn a lot when I got rejected or denied for the casual encounter. When I fell short in the relationship or just flat out had a bad day, porn and alcohol was my escape.

Im glad and grateful to say that I don’t do either today because Christ has done for me what no woman or movie could ever do, and thats a love like I never had before. His love goes beyond the heavens and thats what I had been looking for my whole life. Love. Temptation comes at us in many ways not just the lure of a beautiful woman or attractive man(for woman). Addiction is more than a disease, it’s the biggest temptation to hit mankind. More and more people are turning to addiction than ever before, why? Instant gratification, period. The more and more we try to escape the responsibilities of life for that second or minute of lust after something gets us every time.

The scripture at the top tells it straight. God will provide a way out when were tempted. He does and always will, but the catch is, we have to ask Him. So many people Christians fail because they fail to ask Him for a way out. When we do we have to pay close attention because the way out is never what we think. Many times I have given into temptation not because I didn’t ask, but because I failed to see the way out. I am a lot better at it today but I still fail, but thats why the blood was shed by Gods Son at Calvary, to cover or misdeeds and give us another chance to get it right.

Let me ask you my friend, are their things tempting you in your life? Alcohol, drugs, porn, greed, self-righteousness, lust, envy? Do these things give way to more destruction in your life and consume you to the bone? There is an answer, the healer for the broken, Christ. I wonder if you know Him?

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!

The start of “Grown Up Life” at 35.

Galatians 5:16“So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

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Last year was a trying time for me. Working two jobs, both of them were 30 minutes from home, and I absolutely hated it! But I had to, and I did for well over two years. One day last summer while everyone was enjoying the Night Skies that the summer had to offer, I was working. I was fed up and tired and felt drained. I didn’t want to be apart of the rat race anymore, I wanted out. Not sure what I was going to do, I finally quit one job and actually enjoyed the rest of the summer, only working one job.

Working only one job was fine for about a month or so. I got caught up on a lot of things I needed to and got back into my early morning devotions with God that I had missed oh so much. Even though I was working two jobs I still managed to go to church and some meetings, but quite time with the Lord was almost non-existent, which is required to walk the Christian Life in my opinion. So, I was down to one job, but something was still missing. I really didn’t care to much for the job I had and the Lord knew it.

One morning as I got back into my routine I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do. The answer floored me. “Its time to go to college Scott”. Now at this point I had all but written college off, for one I was to old and for two, I didn’t fair well in high school, basically graduating at the lowest possible spot in my class, but I did some how manage to graduate. When the Lord had spoken this to me I had started to wonder who was crazier, Him or me. College? Ok, so I went down and enrolled and did all the paper work and even got student loans. I did what the Lord wanted me to do and I started school.

To my surprise it was actually really awesome the first semester (G.P.A 3.33!) sorry had to brag. I wasn’t to old for their were other people in my classes older than I was, and come to find out, I am kind off smart!The cool thing is that the Lord blessed me with a better job at another college, so when I’m done this semester, I can go to school were I work at for free! All this because I was obedient to the Lord and did what He wanted me to do this time and not what Scott wanted to do.

God reminded me that it s never to late when He is in charge. When He is in charge, the most amazing things happen that you could never dream of. I put my Big Boy clothes on and went to college an now I’m doing things grown ups do. Something that would never have happened if I was still drinking and chasing woman. The moral of the story: WE SERVE A BIG GOD AND ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH HIM..

Well that’s all for now I have to get to class, just remember were you were at before you came to the Lord, and He will do incredible things when were obedient. Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!